Introducing HUMIDISHIELD™, a New 2-way humidity catalyst disc for 2-way RH control, made effortless!

It is an advanced humidity control product developed with cannabis & fine cigar tobacco in mind. Our product manages humidity within a defined space for organic & synthetic products that rely on maintaining moisture control.

This product is unique because of the innovative disc design. While other brands & producers rely on gels, liquids, salts, & time-sensitive chemical reactions; we utilize clever engineering, manufacturing, & packaging that allows us to impregnate micro fibers as a dehydrated disc membrane containing purified water & other properties which will vaporize as needed without risk of leakage, through its patented outer skin seal This allows for 90-120 days of use that far outlasts & outperforms the competition.

This new patent-pending interference fit, also known as a press fit or friction fit, is simply fastened by friction underneath the lid of the most popular size hemp and cannabis containers. It’s an easy install between the outer edge of our disc to the underside of the lid. By using the lids threading, which achieves a friction fit after the parts are pushed together, rather than by any other means of fastening. So, no gimmicky clips to hold a RH packet to the lid, nor some sort of bowl like collider to sit inside the container. Now you can use 2-way humidity control for all sorts of other cannabis & hemp products. Whether its balms, lotions and potions, creams, oils, or edibles HumidiShield™ is available to maintain freshness.

Friction Fit

This new “ disc press fit “method to provide 2 way humidity control is another one of ATMOSISciences innovations for today’s technology for cannabis & hemp products to ensure freshness and prevent risk of stale, or mildewed product.

Patent Pending Design

Our new HumidiShield disc design and invention application is currently in process with USPTO and will be announcing shortly its patent information in the near future.

Customizable for Any Lid Size

Safely Used With Containers Designed To Hold Liquids

No Other Disc or RH Alternative Like It – No Gadgets Required