Christy S

“I have used other products on the market for my cigars, but those companies are hard to work with & I have had issues with them not working properly. With ATMOSIScience’s product, I have no concerns. The technology speaks for itself. I am a happy customer!”

Tracy G

“Any cigar maker manufacturing outside of the United States is required to freeze cigars before shipping to the US. The competitors’ products are not designed to handle the pre-freezing process before shipping & still provide humidity control after the fact. ATMOSIScience’s product is designed to help these conditions. Now, I can pre-package humidity control products before shipping. Saving costs & labor. Thanks, ATMOSIScience!”

Chris T

Starting using Humidi-Cure™ after the other brand stopped working after maybe 2 weeks. Humidi-Cure™ lasts as they say it does after you activate it, it is great!

Tom T

These packs are extremely easy to use & maintain humidity very well.

Bill M

“I came across ATMOSIScience at a Tobacco product expo show. I am impressed with the new technology they are using to develop these packets. They kept my cigars fresh the entire show that weekend.” I told my cigar-nerd friends. We are all buying them now.


You can never use too many Humidi-Cure™ packets. Using more than the minimum will work more cost-effectively & last longer. Humidi-Cure™ will last 3-4 months contingent on conditions of humidor or other storage device quality.

The 1.5-gram packet is ideal for 1-2 Cigars & the 3.0-gram packet is perfect for 3-4 Cigars using RH levels of 66, 69 & 73

1.5 Gram Packet size = 30x45x3 mm

The 4-gram packet is impeccable for 5-6 cigars in your choice of RH 66, RH 69 & 73

4.0 Gram Packet size = 50x70x3 mm

The 8-gram packet is an exemplar for 7-10 cigars & is available in RH 66, 69 & 73

8.0 Gram Packet size: 60x100x3 mm

The 24-gram packet is a new standard for 11-18 cigars, in all the right RH levels, 66, 69, & 73. Also, a great size for seasoning small humidors as RH levels of 77, & 83 are offered.

24 Gram Packet size = 105x130x3 mm

The 63-gram packet is most excellent for 19-28 cigars in RH 66, 69 & 73. Perfect, size for seasoning small humidors as RH levels of 77, & 83 are offered.

63 Gram Packet size = 105x170x6 mm
Keep in mind for 29-60 cigars use two (2) 63.0-gram packets, for 61-120 cigars & use three (3) 63.0-gram packets.

The slab weighing in at 320-gram is best for 121-132 Cigars & for seasoning your humidor is available in a full range of RH levels from RH 66, 69, 73, 77, & 83.

320 Gram Slab size = 135x210x28 mm
Johnny R

“Working with ATMOSIScience has been a game-changer for my company & farm. Producing large quantities of hemp for CBD production, I have had trouble in the past with other humidity products leaking & ruining tens of thousands of dollars of product in the process. The solid-state fiber substrate technology places my anxieties at ease. I now have confidence in my humidity product during the curing process & beyond.”

HOW CUSTOMERS FEEL ABOUT Humidi-Cure™ or HumidiShield™
Zackery H

I am a perfectionist when it comes to growing, I strive to create a perfect environment for my plants. Humidi-Cure™ is fantastic for maintaining a flawless ecosystem.

Nancy W

I used to use another brand, but it made my smoke taste funny, I switched to Humidi-Cure™, talk about a flavor, my smoke tastes like it’s supposed to, awesome product!

Greg Z

“The new lid technology they have is way cool. I first saw one at my local dispensary. The cannabis I purchased came in a jar with one in the lid. I liked it so much I bought more. Simply place the humidity pack at the top of my jar & boom, Done! I do not worry for months about replacing it. The cool fiber card tells me when to replace it. Keeps my flower fresh, tasty, & burning smooth.”

Dillon L

I used to use in the past an orange peel with my finished product to retain moisture & keep it from over-drying. Since I discovered Humidi-Cure™, it is clearly todays modern technology to maintain the proper RH & eliminate the risk of mold.