“I have used other products on the market for my cigars, but those companies are hard to work with and I have had issues with them not working properly. With ATMOSIScience’s product, I have no concerns. The technology speaks for itself. I am a happy customer!”

Eduardo G

“Any cigar maker manufacturing outside of the United States is required to freeze cigars before shipping to the US. The competitor’s products are not designed to handle the pre-freezing process before shipping and still provide humidity control after the fact. ATMOSIScienceTM products are designed to help these conditions. Now, I can pre-package humidity control products before shipping. Saving costs and labor. Thanks, ATMOSIScienceTM!”

Jose V

Starting using Humidi-CureTM after the other brand stopped working, maybe after 2 weeks. Humidi-CureTM lasts as they say it does after you activate it, it’s great!

Chris T

These packs are very easy to use and maintain humidity very well.

Audry F

“I came across ATMOSIScienceTM at a Tobacco product expo show. I am impressed with the new technology they are using to develop these packets. They kept my cigars fresh the entire show that weekend.”

I told my cigar-nerd friends. We are all buying them now.

Christy S

Wow! – very impressed with these Humidi-Cure packets. Believe the hype as they work. I can’t believe I waited so long to purchase a box of them. Keeps a constant humidity percentage in my humidor exactly as advertised!

Samuel M