ATMOSIScience Inc. is always looking for additional creative, reliable retailers to carry our products. If you are interested in stocking ATMOSIScience Inc. Humidi-Cure and HumidiShield in your store, please fill out the application below. Please be sure to include your contact information because we will email you to discuss possibilities in working with you.

Please allow 5-7 business days for all partner applications to be processed.

Application For A Wholesale Account

Thank you in your interest in seeking a wholesale account with Humidi-Cure a brand from ATMOSIScience Inc.

For Humidi-Cure™ to evaluate your interest and desire to open a wholesale account, please assist us by completing the form below, thank you.

Humidi-Cure™ Sales Policy Regarding Amazon, E Bay Or Other:

Humidi-Cure™ does not allow wholesale accounts to re-sell Humidi-Cure™ products on Amazon, E bay, or any other 3rd party online ecommerce sites. This policy is created to avoid improper pricing, inaccurate product descriptions, and inadequate shipping procedures. Along with the desire to protect the Humidi-Cure™ brand and the investment to market and promote its products, we police Amazon and E bay on an everyday basis. If a Humidi-Cure™ account holder is found to be selling on various websites, the account holder will immediately have its account suspended and will be blocked from purchasing Humidi-Cure™ products. Your application will not be approved.

For additional information regarding our policy please contact us by email at

When applying it is required to receive a completed sales tax exemption form before your application may be approved.

E-mail this completed form to or fax to: 760-659-9094