Why Merchandise Humidi-Cure™ In Your Business Operation?



Humidi-Cure™ has made tobacco storage incredibly simple, with no maintenance or activation. By way of our patented 2-way humidity control, your customers can store their cigars, cigarettes, or loose tobacco exactly as the manufacturer intended.

Depending on the container and frequency of opening and closing it, Humidi-Cure™ will last meticulously perform up to 8-10 months. Humidi-Cure™ offers a variety of RH levels so there is a 2-way Humidi-Cure™ for every type of cigar, tobacco, and personal palate.

ATMOSIScience™ the parent company of Humidi-Cure™ is a trusted name and is a state of the art maker of 2-way humidity control products for plant-based products. Go to ATMOSIScience Wholesale.com to learn further about opening an account. Join some of the best cigar makers and sellers in the world, by selling or packaging with Humidi-Cure™.

Maintain Freshness as the Day It Was Cultivated & Harvested


Protect what you have worked so hard to cultivate by safeguarding terpenes, maintaining freshness, desired aromas, flavors, and product effectiveness without the risk of mold or mildew with Humidi-Cure™. “Terpenes” are key to any products success, so every day terpenes are left to an open environment, they are at risk. Humidi-Cure™ from ATMOSIScience™, can provide and ensure a full terpene experience, so your product is the finest it can be consistently.

SAFEGUARD With 6 Patents– Humidi-Cure™

  • Maintain superior flower inventory from terpene deprivation
  • Become a leading recognized supplier through quality consumer purchase.
  • Build a reputation as the supplier of a premium product.
  • Build the best possible customer experience.
  • The terpene profiles during front-end and back-end storage
  • Extend premium products’ shelf life
  • Inventory long-term while you hold until market price increases
  • Product weight—assurance


Increase Flower Load

Additional stored humidity means extra flower weight which means greater generated supply.

Safeguard Small To Large Quantities

Whether you require humidity control in storage, transport, or packing, Humidi-Cure™ offers a range of RH levels and sizes to properly protect your product. Protect it. So don’t worry about your products deteriorating concentrate on becoming a popular brand of choice from your consumers.

6 Patents Make Humidi-Cure™ The Leader In Today’s 2 Way Humidity Control

Humid-Cure™ is todays state of the art 2-way control for proper RH, it’s not some old water and salt formula. Humidi-Cure helps customers know your products are safe, fresh and will make sure they have a fine experience.


As a grower, cultivating the right terpene profile is no easy task, post harvesting terpene evaporation can happen.

Hermetically sealed containers and other packaging types are a good starting point, but you need more assurance for freshness and terpene protection. When product is in its cure and storage cycle without Humidi-Cure™, the precious terpenes that contribute to flavor, aroma and effectiveness are lost to vaporization. As a result, the product ends up not delivering a quality experience to the end consumer.

Protect flower and its terpenes with Humidi-Cure™, a product designed for today’s range of flower species and their terpenes which are fragile and so important to safeguard for a premier quality product.


By carrying Humidi-Cure™ in your retail business, you will give a boost to customer store traffic, enhance customer relationships, safeguard and extend your inventory shelf life, avoiding waste and financial loss.

Humidi-Cure™ is 3 X’s faster than any other 2-way humidity device while quickly and efficiently responding to temperature and humidity changes while it creates an armor layer of purified water around the trichome. The armor layer protects terpenes and in turn, the quality of hemp and cannabis products. As a result, customers will experience a premium product—just as it should be intended.

More importantly, Humidi-Cure™ is an effortless and stress-free insurance policy against all the potential dangers to your flower’s quality that could cost you loss. But by joining the greatest cannabis and hemp companies and sellers in the world selling or packaging with Humidi-Cure™, you can save the terps.


ATMOSIScience™ works with businesses all over the globe with Humidi-Cure™. We can we help you protect your specific product needs to help grow your business?

Reach out to one of our international distributors or contact us directly, as we would appreciate hearing from you.