Compliant with Industry Standards

Our solutions are 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, no leakage, and both are FDA and EMA compliant. Knowing the FDA and EMA are responsible for helping to protect public health by establishing various guidelines, we appreciate these guidelines and follow closely the various compliances the FDA and EMA have instituted. Humidi-CureTM consists of a natural solution enclosed in a reverse osmosis fiber membrane. The results are clean and purified water vapors


World-Class R&D Team

With more than 30 patents registered worldwide, our goal is to assist our customers in increasing their profit margin through premium quality products that deserve premium prices, at affordable costs. Our R&D experts are constantly engineering, experimenting, and implementing protocols to ensure quality assurance for all our products. Whether it is increasing humidity in a dry habitat or eliminating excess moisture in the environment, Humidi-CureTM manages accurately the proper RH stability required. *The packets deliver precise RH (+/-2%) with minimal intervention.


Customizable Based on Your Needs

Although there are only 2 RH levels (62% and 73%) in a variety of sizes available in our stores now, customized Humidi-CureTM packets can be specially produced. The packets, available in RH between 58% and 85% and available in different sizes, cater to the customer's different needs from curing or storage to packaging. Cannabis is best protected when the RH level is between 58% and 62%, and cigars are between 66% and 85%. The range allows users to account for other factors in the environment that would change required humidity, such as temperature and sunlight exposure. Don't hesitate to shoot us an email with your special RH request! 


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