Welcome to a dynamic research & development company focused on intelligent humidity control technology, including new materials for industrial packaging and storage.

ATMOSIScience™ has been in business for over 18 years developing desiccant & humectant products for international markets. The company has grown to a staff of over 50 employees, including that of 10 employees focused on research & development. From business innovators to Ph.D. Scientist in Chemistry, the team is devoted to producing cutting edge technology & partnering with other organizations & businesses that share a common value in honest partnerships & trustworthy products & relationships. The company prides itself with over 30 patents to date, 6 additional patents pending, & 17 trademarks. The company maintains a facility of over 80,000 sq. ft, including 5000 sq. ft GMP workshop (FDA compliant), which utilizes 2 industry standards, 13 enterprise standards, & ISO quality management certifications, meeting the environmental requirements of RoHS & REACH.


Our trusted customer history includes that of fortune 500 companies, all of which depend on ATMOSIScience’s knowledge, expertise, & experience to provide them with the highest quality products; that ensure safety, reliability, & freshness among a long list of other expectations & requirements held by our customers.

ATMOSIScience’s manufacturing team is committed to quality, efficiency, & on-time delivery. ATMOSIScience’s sales & customer service team have a mindset of the “customer comes first.” As a result, our reputation is best known for our partnerships. We aim to please by cultivating cooperative & collaborative relationships with our customers while ensuring a connection that you can count on by addressing issues promptly & taking care of its customers long after the sale is complete. Our culture is to strive to be the best by taking pride in what we do, our products, & what is built into ATMOSIScience to serve & exceed our customers’ expectations. Let the product speak for itself & ensure our partnerships & customers can count on us.

AtmosiScience has become one of the leaders in a full range of I- dry (Desiccant) & I-Humi (2 Way Humectant Stabilizer(s)). All of which are designed to be effective in protecting the integrity of the customer's products.