When Humidi-Cure™ is placed in an airtight container or other storage type device, 2-way humidity control begins almost immediately. Humidi-Cure is designed to stabilize the surrounding environment with accurate relative humidity to safeguard products from over drying. No more risk of having moisture deprivation that can cause staleness, cracking, warping or mold.


From herbs and spices to sugars, tea and coffee and brown sugar Humidi-Cure™ offers a variety of RH to preserve what you are storing.

Musical Wood Instruments

Wood instruments without proper humidity control, will not perform at their best, especially if the suffer damage from lack of proper humidity management. So why put stress on a instrument and risk performance abilities due to lack of proper humidity. Humidi-Cure with its 6 patented 2-way humidity control technology makes it easy to protect any wood instrument.


Preservation of artifacts and memorabilia can be faced with an array of hazards. So its crucial in understanding the hazards, especially humidity and the importance of using Humidi-Cure or other new innovations from ATMOSIScience to eliminate the dangers to memorabilia and other museum like artifacts.

Humidity that is too high encourages pests and mold growth on paper, textiles and parchment, and promotes rust on metal.

Humidity that is too low can cause objects to become brittle. Organic objects in particular absorb and release moisture depending on the relative humidity of their environment and need a stable humidity.

Store historic memorabilia in an area that has a steady, constant humidity (45%–55%), and store or display historic materials away from heating and air conditioning vents.


Any item that needs to be protected from major fluctuations in humidity you’re planning on shipping. Consider Humidi-Cure a 2-way humidity control packet in various RH levels and gram sizes.