1What is the composition of a Humidi-Cure™ packet?
Humidi-Cure Composition
2What is the shelf life of Humidi-Cure™ 2-Way Humidity Control Packet?
The shelf life of Humidi-Cure™ 2-Way Humidity Control Packet is 12 months before opening and 120 days after opening (in a cool, dry, and stable environment).
3What is in Humidi-Cure™? How does the packet perform without any liquid in it? It needs to release moisture into its container while working.
ATMOSIScience Inc., the company which makes Humidi-Cure™, believes that leaking of liquid from a humidity packet is hurtful to the products that the customers are trying to protect. Hence, the company has invented this product that contains no liquid, but only a piece of biodegradable fiber with a U.S. patented formulation, that is able to reduce and release moisture in a container.
4How accurate is the Relative Humidity (RH) level?
Humidi-Cure™ can deliver a precision of ±2% for the RH level it claims to achieve, provided the storage environment is not extremely warm, wet, or too much of opening done to the container.
5Which Humidi-Cure™ product should I use?
Please refer to the following table for Usage Recommendation: Usage
6How do I know when it’s time to change the Humidi-Cure™ packet in my container?
We provide one complimentary Relative Humidity (RH) Indicator Card for each packet of Humidi-Cure™ that you buy, to keep you on top of the RH level in the container where you place your products and the Humidi-Cure™ packets.
7What is an RH Indicator Card?
Humidi-Cure™ RH Indicator Card functions like a hygrometer but is lighter and easier to use. It shows the RH Level in your container at all times. RH Card
8I don’t know how to use a Humidi-Cure™.
Please refer to “How to Use Humidi-Cure™” in the product packaging. Instruction
9Can I place a Humidi-Cure™ together with other humidity control products in one container?
We do not encourage you to do this as this may affect the effectiveness of the packets and the accuracy of the Relative Humidity (RH) level that Humidi-Cure™ is meant to achieve.
10How do I store Humidi-Cure™ when I am not using it?
Do not tear open the Humidi-Cure™ transparent overwrap until you are ready to use it; store them in a cool, dry place, without direct sunlight. If you happen to lose the outer packaging of the packets, keep all the packets in an airtight container or a Ziplock bag.
11Do you provide customization?
Yes, we provide customization for RH level between 30% and 90%
12What is so special about Humidi-Cure™ compared to other 2-way humidity control products?

Humidi-Cure™ gives you peace of mind by providing a no-leak and non-corrosive care for your precious products. Humid-Cure™ maintains the desired Relative Humidity (RH) level in your container (at the precision of ±2%) using 100% biodegradable fiber with U.S. patented formulation. And it is safe for food contact.

Humidi-Cure™ is super easy to use. Just tear open the transparent overwrap, place it in an airtight container with the products you want to protect, and it achieves the desired Relative Humidity (RH) level 3X faster than the other similar products.

With Humidi-Cure™, you get a complimentary Relative Humidity (RH) Indication Card, which is so easy to use and always keeps you updated on the RH level in the container. It also alerts you when it is time to change the Humidi-Cure™ packet, simply by changing its color.

You will never again be disappointed with a herb or cigar product that is either too wet or too dry and has lost a lot of its potency, aroma, and taste!

13Is Humidi-Cure™ your only product? And there are only two Relative Humidity (RH) levels to choose from?
ATMOSIScience Inc. has a comprehensive product portfolio that empowers our customers to create the most optimum microenvironment for their products, from seed to consumption. Please visit our official website https://atmosiscience.com for more information.
14Where do I buy your products?
You can purchase our products on Amazon at: https://amazon.com/humidi-cure. For bulk purchase, please leave your contacts and we will reach out to you for a discussion: https://humidi-cure.com/#contact-us.
15How do I contact you if I have more questions while using the products?
If you still need more information, email us at info@atmosiscience.com. We are more than happy to assist. You can also leave your contact number in the email so that our Customer Service Representative can call you back.