Humidi-Cure™ creates and maintains the right relative humidity (RH) for your cigars in their humidors and packaging.

It is hard to draw smoke through a damp cigar, and the dampness would cause an uneven burn. On the other hand, a cigar that is too dry will burn fast and hot. It can even lose its flavor when it is so dry that its essential oils evaporate. Making sure the 70-70 rule is abided by and keeping the moisture in a cigar between 12% and 15% before a smoke, requires effort.

While it is well understood that humidity control is vital to creating and maintaining the quality of a cigar, the availability of the right humidity control products and solutions in the market is a challenge.

Humidi-Cure™ is made of fiber that contains a U.S. patented formulation that creates and maintains the relative humidity (RH) level at a high precision level (2%). Since it is not in liquid form, it does not leak and creates no mess in the humidor and cigar packaging. The complimentary RH Indicator Card is also one of its kind in the market, keeping you on top of the RH level in the container at all times.