By placing Humidi-Cures™ 6 patented, 2-way humidity control packet inside a cannabis or hemp container, Humidi-Cure™ explodes into action, as it is 3X’s faster to activation and moving to the proper RH level. Humidi-Cures™ focus, safeguard terpenes to maintain freshness and flavor, for the best possible experience by the end user.

Humidi-Cure™ a non-liquid (eliminates risk of leakage) formulation, starts to normalize the relative humidity inside a container and creates a perfect controlled environment with true 2-way humidity control. As a result, all the essential elements responsible for a quality cannabis or hemp experience, including terpenes and cannabinoids, housed within the trichome have been safeguarded.


That cannabis aroma you love? Give props to drying and curing. It’s during these finishing stages that cannabis and hemp mature. The smell gets better and becomes more potent. But more importantly, properly curing cannabis reduces its harshness.

Once it is dried, you can prevent flower from accidentally over drying while it cures by storing cannabis and hemp buds in airtight containers, like jars. Periodically, the jars are “burped” over 14 to 60 days. Opening and closing the lids lets gas out and allows fresh oxygen to enter to regulate the humidity.

Burping cannabis/hemp containers is not necessary when you use Humidi-Cure™. Humidi-Cure™ works automatically to regulate moisture to achieve and maintain the precise relative humidity (RH) that is printed on the pack—even if flower was dried below the intended humidity level or was not dried enough.

While in the airtight containers, cannabis/hemp continues to age for days or weeks. Internal chemical processes take place that transform the fresh cut plant material into a fully developed product ready for consumption. Even in tightly sealed airtight containers, cannabis/hemp will lose over 40% of terpenes—the aroma, flavor and effect users love—if left unprotected.

Humidi-Cure™ creates a shield over the trichome to protect the terpenes from evaporation. The shield also preserves the fragrant aroma until it is released when the consumer grinds and uses the cannabis/hemp. Because of the terpene shield, the earthy perfume is more potent and the experience stronger. You will also discover that the feel and texture of your bud is improved with Humidi-Cure™.

Precise humidity helps cannabis “squish” to the touch and create a new desired experience.

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Like aging cheese, sometimes called ripening, is the most important stage of cheese production. By allowing cheeses to rest in controlled conditions, they develop the appearance, texture, flavor and aroma qualities that make them unique.

That same level of ripening understanding is now being utilized to cannabis and hemp. A range of factors come into play after a harvest and are more significant than ever before.

One such important factor today is storage after harvest. The relative humidity (RH) for storing and curing flower for storing harvested-and-cured cannabis flower makes a key difference in the quality, safety, medical usefulness, and value of the product. For growers and retailers, evaporation and deterioration of product is a primary concern. Controlling these factors through moisture control provide for product quality—and substantial weight retainment which means added profit.

Implementing quality 2-way humidity control storage for flower supports final product value. Both in the flower profile, and the distinguishing characteristics that cultivate through thoughtful growing and curing methods.


Moisture variations can have a considerable bearing on the value of flower. Too much or not enough moisture can have negative impacts on plant material.

⦁ Too Much = Mold and Fungus = Loss of Crop

⦁ Too Little = Dries Out = Weight Losses and Weakened Cannabinoids and Terpenes


According to various industry experts, storage for cured cannabis has an optimal RH range of 55-66%.


Relative Humidity (RH) tells us how much water vapor is in the air, compared to how much it could hold at that temperature. It is shown as a percent. For example, a relative humidity of 50 percent means the air is holding one half of the water vapor it can hold.

When flower stays in the optimal RH range, it realizes its full potential for quality and provides a greater return on the final product purchased.

Today more than ever proper storage methods in harmony with 2-way humidity control from Humidi-Cure improves all stages of curing, production, processing, and profit returns.


Cannabis and Hemp sold and purchased across the country are typically below the optimum RH range and in some cases above the RH range, the reason being growers concern for mold and mildew risk. Other issues include:

  • Excessively Dry Cannabis
  • Safeguarding Cannabinoids, Trichomes and Terpenes
  • Medical Usefulness
  • General Weight of The Flower
  • Product Timespan to the End Consumer
  • Quality of The Flower
  • Risky Rehydrating Methods


Given the omnipresence of social networks and digital communications, feedback from cultivator to consumer is more public and evident. As a result, cultivators today are feeling the quality demands of the market more intensely.

  • Seasoned Consumers Are More Sophisticated Today
  • End Users Knowledge of The Chemical Composition of Cannabis and Hemp Strains.
  • Consumers Are Seeking Out Highly Specific Strains
  • Labeling on Packaging Prove to The Quality and Effects Consumers Should Expect to Experience
  • Customers Expect Certain Terpene and Cannabinoid Levels.

For cannabis cultivators, producers, and processors, it is ever more important to get it right, both from a customer satisfaction and a regulatory compliance standpoint. Hemp and cannabis in the optimal humidity range maximizes all the qualities that attract and retain customers.


Lab studies which analyzed flower cured with 2-way humidity control solutions devised to keep RH at 62% have determined that the cannabis/hemp retained almost 20% more terpenoids and close to 25% more cannabinoids than without a 2-way humidity control devise.

Its important to note 2-way control products which are formulated using water and salt-based products are at for risk packet leakage and salt is corrosive. Glycerin based devices have a laxative effect which may not be desirable for the user and if the packet should become compromised it too could be at risk to leak and ruin flower. That is why Humidi-Cure™ is the stand alone, best 2-way humidity control alternative for today’s cannabis & hemp.


When factoring in the added profitability from increased weight, along with the value-add of enhanced quality from terpene and cannabinoid retention, the advantages of 2-way humidity control are clear.

Properly controlled humidity makes a big difference in the quality, weight, safety and profitability of cannabis cultivation and processing. Fortunately, tackling evaporative loss is easy to address with 2-way humidity control solutions designed to maintain stable optimal RH within packages or containers. Non liquid/gel-based humidity control solutions with 2-way vapor-phase osmosis technology are proven to achieve substantially more desirable results than other moisture-control methods.

The benefits of effectively storing cannabis with humidity control in mind are far-reaching for cultivators, processors, and packagers. In this rapidly evolving industry, cannabis brands are building their reputations in real time, and there is no room to fall behind.

A proven humidity control system is a needed investment for cannabis and hemp businesses of any size. The newest and smartest technology for control is Humidi-Cure™.