The patented 2-way humidity control packet gives you peace of mind by providing no leak and non-corrosive care for your precious herbs and cigars.

A True Innovation

We are the first of their kind to make 2-way humidity control packets using non-liquid and 100% biodegradable fiber

Humidi-Cure™ absorbs and releases moisture to maintain its microenvironment's relative humidity (RH) level. The packets, available in RH between 58% and 85% and available in different sizes, cater to the customer’s different needs from curing or storage to packaging. The composition inside the packets is a patented U.S. technology. No intervention is required while using Humidi Cure™ for up to 120 days. A complimentary indicator card that shows the RH level in the container/ packaging will keep the user informed on the humidity condition in the containers at all times. 

For Cannabis

Maintain potency, high-quality flavor, fresh aroma, and bud weight

Best for cannabis cultivators, manufacturers, processors, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and dispensaries.

  • 62% Relative Humidity Guaranteed
  • Make Longer Storage Possible (proper dried and cured flowers can be stored for 2 years, in a cool, dry, and dark place without the worry of mold and mildew)
  • Complimentary RH Indicator allows for non-intrusive humidity assurance
  • Highly Customizable

For Cigars

Avoid uneven burn. Preserve the premium flavor

Best for cigar cultivators, manufacturers, processors, transporters, retailers, and consumers.

  • 73% Relative Humidity Guaranteed
  • Ensures flavor, burn time, and aroma
  • Highly Customizable

How to use Humidi-Cure™


Tear open the transparent plastic wrap of the Humidi-CureTM 2-way Humidity Control Packet.


Place Humidi-CureTM in an airtight container or a humidor with the buds or cigars you want to cure or protect.


Place one relative humidity indicator card in the airtight container. Wait for 24 hours. Match the color of the center circle dot with the outer color wheel to find out the RH level in the container.


Change the Humidi-CureTM packet when the color matching indicates to do so.


Humidi-CureTM Size Recommendation


Our Products

73 Humidor 1

For Cigars: 73% RH + 4g Humidi-CureTM

73 hand

For Cigars: 73% RH + 1.5g Humidi-CureTM

62 Table

For Cannabis: 62% RH + 63g Humidi-CureTM

62 Jars

For Cannabis: 62% RH + 8g Humidi-CureTM




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